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I take a lot of time to menu plan for my clients. Since each family has a different set of food restrictions and needs, I can’t just write one menu for the week and use it for everyone. Instead, to create their personalized healthy fall menus, I map out some basic ideas, and then tailor every dish to suit my clients’ preferences and allergies. Some of the main allergens I need to avoid are: gluten, soy, dairy, nuts and refined sweeteners. 

I am also analyzing each menu for variety, color and a blend of protein sources.  One of the traps we get into cooking at home is making the same thing over and over. How many different ways can you make broccoli?  Creating variety throughout the week helps to keep meals interesting. I also focus on including ALL the colors in menus so that my clients get all the vitamins and minerals available to us in our food.

In addition to customizing each meal, I try to keep the menus fresh and seasonal. Right now, we’re just on the cusp of Fall in Northern California, and I’ve been preparing more slow-cooked and braised meals. I also have a list of seasonal, kid-friendly meals that I reinvent to fit the season.

If you need some fresh dinner ideas, or want to peek at my healthy fall menus, below are some of the recipes I’ve been whipping up lately. Just remember, you can always mix and match ingredients to ensure the dishes meet all of your dietary requirements.

Woman tossing a salad in glass bowl set on a table full of dishes and food

This Week’s Allergy-Friendly Fall Menu


Monday: Squash Stuffed Shells

  • Butternut Squash and Spinach Stuffed Gluten-free Pasta Shells with a Green Salad and White Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • This is a fun vegetarian recipe from Love & Lemons using cashew cream and tofu instead of Ricotta

Tuesday: Savory Lemon and Olive Roasted Chicken

  • Kalamata and Lemon Roasted Chicken, Italian-Style Heirloom Cranberry Beans and Roasted Cauliflower with Broccoli and Carrots
  • Lemon and Olives are a perfect match for this chicken, This week I may switch out the black olives with green Castelvetrano instead

Wednesday: Creamy Paleo Swedish Meatballs

  • Creamy Paleo Swedish Meatballs served with Gluten-Free Penne and Steamed Swiss Chard
  • Swedish Meatballs are a fun twist on the traditional and so savory and delicious in this white cream sauce.  It is made dairy-free by using the thick coconut cream from the can.

Slow cooked Braised Beef Short Ribs in a bowl with dark brown Gravy and Potatoes

Thursday: Slow Cooked Beef Comfort Food

  • Oven-Roasted Beef Short Ribs with Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Sauteed Broccolini
  • This Short Ribs recipe from Giada is perfect every time.  I use my own homemade beef broth or this one from Bonfide.

Friday: Asian Fusion

  • Cantonese-Style Steamed Wild Black Cod with Ginger and Scallions in a Tamari/Coconut Aminos Broth, along side Sautéed Bok Choy with Shitake Mushrooms and Forbidden Black Rice

Snacks For the Week:

Blended Green Veggie Soup, Strawberry Gelatin Squares, Gluten-Free Banana Mini Muffins, Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash Brown Patties (from The Healing Kitchen)

Ready for a delicious change? If you’re eager to regain your health, but don’t have the time to make fresh, homemade meals for your family every week, contact me for more information on my Personal Chef Services or to find a personal chef near you.

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