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Food Allergies

All the resources you need to create a healthy, balanced diet with food allergies. These articles are full of the practices I have seen work for my clients when they are trying to transition to living gluten free or dairy free, or any “free”.

Food Allergies


Welcome!  Here is the Gluten Free Snacks Cookbook and Online Cooking Course you saw at the Gluten Free Expo this weekend in Sandy, Utah. Read below for more details and the links to purchase. BUY THE BOOK 15 Gluten and Dairy Free Snack Recipes Easy to read recipes with pictures…
September 1, 2022
female chef chopping greensFood AllergiesHealing Foods

What is a Holistic Chef

A holistic chef is a skilled culinary artist that creates meals with the whole person in mind. The nutrition content of the ingredients being used is important as well as how how the person will feel after they eat that meal. Menus are created with balance in mind, seasonality, dietary…
May 10, 2022
Food Allergies

The Best Gluten Free Cookbooks

Gluten is the protein in wheat, rye, and barley that creates that wonderful pillow-y softness and elasticity in your (formerly) favorite loaf of bread. The wheat plant is quite perfect unless it makes you bloated and sick.  Gluten is now known to be an inflammatory food which is why people…
March 7, 2022
Food Allergies

Gluten-Free Bread Substitutes

Whether you’re packing lunch for yourself or your kids, including a sandwich is pretty standard. When you can’t have bread anymore, finding gluten free bread substitutes is definitely a challenge.  Most of the gluten free breads out there taste better after being toasted, something not convenient for a lunch on-the-go. ...
February 28, 2022
Dairy Free milk made of nuts in glass bottles with bowls of almond and cashewFood Allergies

Dairy Free Milk: The 4 Things You Need to Know

There was a time when people with a dairy allergy had one milk alternative—Lactaid. Lactaid is a brand of milk enhanced with lactose enzymes that are supposed to make it more digestible. But as I mentioned in a recent post, dairy allergies and intolerances are not so granular, which means...
July 20, 2020
Dairy products on cutting boardsFood Allergies

Hidden Sources of Dairy That May Surprise You

You’ve discovered that you’re allergic or sensitive to dairy, so you finally committed to completely cutting it out of your diet. Initially, you felt great. Then, some of those old symptoms started to resurface: a little belly bloat, a stomachache, another sinus infection. So, did you actually cut out all...
July 5, 2020