Wellness Session


Looking for guidance as to what changes to make in your diet?

Not sure if you have a food allergy or intolerance making you not feel well?  Have you tried cutting out different foods and still confused as to what to do next? This session is designed as a quick review with me to pinpoint the changes that will move you forward in your health journey. We will discuss your health up to this point, what you have tried so far, what worked and what didnt work to nail down what is the ideal diet FOR YOU.


A Review of your Full Health History, Symptom questionnaire, and Food Diary. Review of any blood test and food allergy test results you may have. I will spend a few hours going over everything you send me. About 1 week later we will meet and spend the first 30 minutes with any additional questions I may have. Then I will give you my findings based on what I see.

You will receive:

  • My recommendations for next steps.
  • Supplement Suggestions to optimize your health.
  • My top 5 recommendations for what to change or add to optimize your health.
  • Answers to your questions.

4-Pack Follow up Consultations
30 minutes
$125 each or 4 for $400

To be used after the Initial Wellness Session, whenever you are ready to take the next step or to check in and ask questions about your healing journey.