5-Week RESTART Class


The 5-week RESTART nutrition course is a simple, powerful way to learn how to boost your energy, cut sugar cravings, and restart your health through the power of whole foods.

In this online small-group program,  you’ll learn some of the basic concepts behind holistic nutrition: blood sugar regulation, the role of healthy fats, controlling cravings, how to support your digestion, and more. You’ll even have the chance to participate in a group sugar detox.

5 weekly calls


The RESTART program is a powerful 5 week group program that incorporates nutrition education, a short sugar detox and small group support.

The RESTART program is based on the latest holistic nutritional information and taught by a certified holistic nutrition professional but what makes RESTART so powerful is that our group classes are limited to 10 people that support each other throughout this journey. The small group allows for your questions to be addressed as well as the ability to share and learn from each others experiences.

No pills, No powders,
No pre-packaged foods to buy,


Classes are every Tuesday at 5pm Pacific Time (unless noted)