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I am so glad you watched my interview with Sharon of the Helpful GF and came to get my free gift! Wasn’t it a great event? I hope you got to see all the interviews and learn something new from the valuable speakers. 

We all can use extra support at the holidays when we have a food sensitivity or a way of eating that is different than everyone else around us. I have been gluten-free for over 15 years so I have had a little practice. But I still come across people that don’t understand what is safe for me to eat and uncomfortable situations where people want to push food on me.


As I promised during my interview, here is a convenient handout of the journal prompts I mentioned.  I have shared these steps of identifying HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL over the holidays and I have already received feedback of how the parties are feeling different for them.  People are feeling more empowered and staying away from the foods that don’t serve them!

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I hope you stay in touch and let me know what you thought of my handout. And then also let me know how your holidays went.

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