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Thank you for joining me on our allergy-free food journey!

Perhaps you already know how food affects you and what foods you have to stay away from. Or maybe you are at the beginning of your journey and you need help to figure it all out.  I have been dealing with food allergies for almost 20 years and have gathered all kinds of helpful resources. And I want to share them with you.

To kick things off, I have some special offers for you!
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Here are some of my most popular offerings:

Gluten Free Snacks

This book contains the most requested snack recipes I have used for years with my clients. All kid approved. Keep your fridge stocked with easy snacks that are gluten and dairy free. Bonus pages explaining the special gluten free ingredients. This is a digital product that will be delivered to your email box. You can print it out or save it on your computer.

  • Easy to read recipes with pictures and clear instructions
  • Based on real foods and no refined sugars


  • Chicken Lettuce Cups
  • Chicken Hashbrown Fritters
  • Curried Cauliflower Fritters
  • Berry Gelatin Squares
  • Chicken & Zucchini Fritters
  • And more!

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How to Survive an Elimination Diet Guide

A step by step guide for successfully completing and thriving during an Elimination Diet. I have taken many clients through this process, and even done it myself, so I know what works to get through it, and not get frustrated and quit. Includes a detailed process for how to get yourself prepared BEFORE you start the protocol. The preparation you do before is 90% of the battle and what will make the entire process easier. Outline for how to reintroduce foods, one at a time, and what to do if you have a reaction to a food.

  • My 9 Step Process for how to get your mind (and kitchen) ready!
  • How to clean out your pantry
  • Lists of food substitutions and replacements
  • Resources for finding safe meals and snacks

When you purchase this book, with the expo code behealthyutah, get a free 30-minute call with me to problem-solve your food allergy questions.

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And best of all, get 50% off my masterpiece, the GlutenFree Cooking Course I created so YOU can create delicious meals just like I do for my clients every day.  In this course is:

  • Alternative flours and how to use them
  • Ingredients to swap in when converting your traditional recipes
  • Recommended ready-made products in the stores so you avoid wasting time and money
  • Trustworthy gluten-free cookbooks and recipe blogs
  • 6 live demonstrations of my best gluten-free recipes including my killer chocolate cake

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The discount code, behealthyutah, is good until April 30th