New Gluten Free Bakery in the Bay Area

I made the recent discovery of a new bakery in the Bay Area.? Zest Bakery just opened in late July in downtown San Carlos, CA. The best part about this [...]

My first guest publication!

Oh the excitement of seeing my name in a book, even if it isn't my own. Early last year I was asked to contribute to a companion cookbook for the [...]

Picture of the Day – Amaranth

Amaranth, a relatively unused grain here in the states. This particular plant is growing as a weed in the garden at the farm. It is such a beautiful weed, growing [...]

Organic Food at a Concert Venue?

I went to a concert Saturday night at the Tweeter Center in Philadelphia and as we were walking around we found this! I was totally surprised to see the "organic" [...]

My End-Of-Summer Detox

I am feeling like it is time for a cleanse so I have planned a liquid fast. I am going to do 3 days as that is all I can [...]

The Nourishing Well

I must tell you about the internship I have been doing for the last month. I have been spending every Monday cooking with Marilyn at her home in Havertown, PA. [...]