3 Unique Farmers Market Finds

  I find myself spending more and more time at the Farmers Market these days. As summer draws near, the stalls are filling up with fresh vegetables, leafy greens and [...]

What does it mean to write a book?

I just recently announced to my facebook community that I am writing a cookbook. I had been working on it over a month already, but announcing it out loud to [...]

Cooking for First Descents

When I first got involved, I didn't know what cooking for First Descents would be like, but at the same time I knew it was what I needed to do. [...]

Paleo Lunch Menu

I love to cook and I am lucky enough to cook for a living. I specialize in making foods that are "alternative" or allergy free and people with special food [...]

Impromptu Coconut Chicken

I was just working on next week's menu for my Paleo clients and came across this recipe for Coconut Encrusted Chicken Salad. This website is full of really great recipes and [...]

Peaches & Tango….. a Dinner in the Orchard

Peaches & Tango was an event created by the amazing folks at Frog Hollow Farm. This dinner was designed so that guests could dine surrounded by fruit trees while raising money for [...]

A Drive Out to the Farm

My friend Michelle belongs to a couple CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) and occasionally shares her weekly bounty with me. Through her I was introduced to the folks at Frog Hollow [...]

Cooking for a Living

Some jobs are just payment in themselves. I am thankful every day (well, almost) that I get to play with food for a living and feed those that I love.  [...]

San Francisco Food Blogger Bake Sale

The Bake Sale is this weekend!  Come stop by 18 Reasons or Kiehl's to sample and purchase baked goods from local bloggers. I will be helping out at the Kiehl's location [...]

San Francisco’s Food Blogger Bake Sale

I am really excited to participate in this year's Food Blogger Bake Sale. It being held Saturday, May 14 from 10am to 6pm at the 18 Reasons building, 3674 18th [...]