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Roasting Cauliflower

 I was just told my one of my cooking clients last night that she is becoming a cauliflower fan because of me.  She has been on a very restricted diet and was not eating potatoes for awhile and continues to [...]

Basil Pesto

Until recently, I thought pesto was out of my life forever.  Since going dairy free, I had sadly said goodbye to pesto and mourned the loss of its deliciousness.  Every pesto in the store and in most restaurants is full [...]

My First Green Smoothie

I love juicing, especially during the warmer months. It gives me a boost of energy and helps me to get all my servings of vegetables in. But today, today I made my first green smoothie and I am HOOKED!  It [...]

What does it mean to write a book?

I just recently announced to my facebook community that I am writing a cookbook. I had been working on it over a month already, but announcing it out loud to people really made it real. I have been thinking about [...]

Vegetable Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls and Spring Rolls often get mixed up. Spring Rolls are fried while Summer Rolls are made with rice paper wrappers and are always served cold, with a peanut based dipping sauce.  Summer Rolls are always gluten free as the wrapper [...]

Cooking for First Descents

When I first got involved, I didn't know what cooking for First Descents would be like, but at the same time I knew it was what I needed to do. I just had no clue at the time how much [...]

Carrot Cake Part I – how to convert a recipe to gluten free

I have been hearing a lot of talk about carrot cake lately, and it has made me want some, badly.  All I need is to hear a mention of a food once, and it gets me thinking about it, especially [...]

Dairy Free Product Review: Treeline Treenut Cheese

I noticed this "cheese" at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and it reminded me of a nut cheese the chefs were sampling back when I was interning at Pure Food and Wine in New York City. There was a [...]