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Barbecued Teriyaki Tri Tip with Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Tri Tip is my favorite meat to throw on the grill especially when trying to feed a bunch of people. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to cook, and packs a [...]

Paleo Lunch Menu

I love to cook and I am lucky enough to cook for a living. I specialize in making foods that are "alternative" or allergy free and people with special food [...]

Impromptu Coconut Chicken

I was just working on next week's menu for my Paleo clients and came across this recipe for Coconut Encrusted Chicken Salad. This website is full of really great recipes and [...]

Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Pears

Back when I could still eat dairy (oh how I miss you) I loved grilled cheese sandwiches. As a kid, just the bread and cheese seems like enough. As we get [...]

The Un-Soy Sauce: Soy-Free Soy Sauce Alternative

Soy sauce is a fundamental ingredient in Asian cooking. It is smoky, salty and adds a flavor that is hard to describe, other than saying salty or umami.  I had [...]

Making Iced Flowers for the Birthday Cake

My girlfriend just recently celebrated her birthday.  I will spare her the public announcement of how many years. Although, she is the first to announce her age to anyone, anywhere, [...]

Castle Cake revisited, Under the Sea

Creating birthday cakes for friends and family is becoming a trend for me. I was just looking through pictures on my laptop and realized just how many I have done [...]

What to do with all these peaches

I recently joined a CSA and started receiving a box of fruit every week from a local farm. Last week my box included the peaches and nectarines above. This is so much better [...]

Peaches & Tango….. a Dinner in the Orchard

Peaches & Tango was an event created by the amazing folks at Frog Hollow Farm. This dinner was designed so that guests could dine surrounded by fruit trees while raising money for [...]

A Drive Out to the Farm

My friend Michelle belongs to a couple CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) and occasionally shares her weekly bounty with me. Through her I was introduced to the folks at Frog Hollow [...]