Meet Andrea

I was sick for a very long time and mainstream doctors could not find anything wrong with me. I was 80 pounds overweight, had daily headaches, felt like I had arthritis in all my joints, mental fog, rashes and severe hay fever. When I finally found a naturopathic doctor who looked at food and diet as a source of my physical problems, my whole life changed. As soon as I changed my diet all of my health problems improved. I dropped a considerable amount of weight, my headaches went away, hayfever got better and I no longer felt sick and tired all the time.This experience opened my eyes to the connection between health and diet and set me on the path to become a Chef and Health Counselor.

Prevention_Chef_5180I know making these kinds of changes are hard. At first I was told to cut out A LOT of foods, all the foods I enjoyed, and I had no idea of what to eat instead. But slowly I learned, and experiencing the dramatic improvements in how I felt made me want to continue. I went to Culinary School so that I could learn more about health supportive food and cooking. I went to figure out how to cook for myself and support this new way of eating. I now know how to adapt a recipe from regular wheat flour to something gluten free and still make it taste delicious. Or how to take the dairy out of a dish where no one notices.
I had firsthand experience of how what we eat can be a powerful influencer of how we feel. In addition to that, what we DON’T eat is important as well. Redefining what a healthy diet is for me has been a long road of trial and error. And I knew there had to be other people out there that were suffering as well. I realized that I wanted to help others who were struggling like I was. I wanted to share this knowledge and help people feel safe in what they were eating, help them heal and restore their love of food.

So I created a company to solve these problems. Now my company provides health supportive food and education to my clients. We teach restored, whole foods cooking to those that desperately need it.

I graduated from the Professional Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute in New York City. I am board certified as a Holistic Health Coach from the American Association for Drugless Practitioners and am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Chef Andrea in the March edition of Prevention Magazine