This amazing online Summit is happening right now.   I have listened to 6 of the interviews that have been sent out since Monday and WOW, I am blown away.  My interview about my own health struggles and finding out I had food allergies is out now and you can hear it here.
My approach to health is pretty simple and I believe in the power of food to heal.  Eat more real food, less junk and be mindful of the foods that dont agree with you. The information coming from these health-focused experts is really down to earth and sensible.
Please check this out. Even though the Summit started on Monday, these interviews are all available to listen to anytime until March 30th.
Here is a little more about this Mindful Eating Summit:
Do you want to become EMPOWERED with your own health and happiness; shed extra pounds, and truly feel WELL. Do you want to know what it means to have real VITALITY? Then check out this online summit.
My friend and colleague, Dr. Kellee Rutley has created the Mindful Eating World Summit. She has brought together over 28 POWERHOUSE experts, including me! Dr. Kellee has interviewed highly credible and respected Doctors, Naturopaths, Zen masters, Holistic Psychologists, Holistic Chefs and true Fitness Experts with decades of experience, all sharing this “virtual podium” to give YOU the answers you have been looking for.